43 years ago today, the 70’s super group Bad Company was born out of Mott the Hoople, Free and King Crimson! In the photo above from left to right, it’s Boz Burrell (bass) formally of King Crimson, Paul Rodgers(vocals/guitar/piano) and Simon Kirke (drums) who were together in Free and Mick Ralphs (guitar) came from Mott the Hoople.

They were managed by Led Zeppelin’s, Peter Grant and signed as the first release on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label. Bad Company’s self-titled debut album was released in the summer of ’74 and went number one in the US and has been certified platinum at least 5 times since then.

The band was comprised of four seasoned rock pros but the biggest strength of Bad Company for this writer, is the incredible vocals of Paul Rodgers. His throat has it all! Soul, great rasp, and sheer power! He can play a pretty bad-ass lead guitar too.

Watch this live performance from what looks to be right around ’79 of Can’t Get Enough and see Paul Rodgers rip a solo!

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