35 years ago this week, we were shocked by the news of one of rock’s biggest tragedies. I remember the heavy cloud of sadness walking the halls of Cony High School when we got word that this young musical wizard was gone...we were just becoming familiar with his fresh high-speed melodies.  Despite his alleged fear of flying, 25 year old Ozzy rising guitar god Randy Rhoads was killed along with two others in a plane crash at Leesburg, Florida after a joyride on March 19, 1982 . Randy’s genius singular guitar playing was an essential part of Ozzy’s success a solo artist after leaving Black Sabbath. “We had a great rapport together,” a still-mourning Osbourne told Guitar Player just months after Rhoads was gone. “We loved each other very dearly. I swear to God, the tragedy of my life is the day he died.” Ozzy and Randy performed only one time together at the Civic Center on August 5, 1981...absolutely something to brag about for the rest of your life if you witnessed it!

Join us tonight at 6:20 for live Ozzy Osbourne in memory of Randy on the WBLM Mini-Concert.

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