31 years ago today, Pat Benatar returned to the Civic Center in Portland for the second time.  Her first appearance here was four years earlier in November 1982 on tour in support of the just released, Get Nervous album. That show was a capacity crowd sellout. When she came back on March 2, 1986 however, that night was not. I’ve got a feeling that some of her hardcore fans of her early albums got lost on her latest, Seven the Hard Way. This was the album with Invincible and Sex as a Weapon. Yeah now you remember, huh. This stuff was more Love Is a Battlefield than Heartbreaker that’s for sure. Opening the show that night was The Alarm.

Pat has been kind enough to return to Portland three more times since that show in ’86 as recently as May of 2015 on the Maine State Pier. She and her husband, Neil Giraldo are celebrating over 35 years as an incredibly dynamic musical duo and rock's most enduring romance.

<> on November 24, 2015 in New York City.
Mike Coppola

Join us tonight at 6:20 for live Pat Benatar on the WBLM Mini-Concert! We’ll make sure all the songs on the setlist are classic Pat rockers like this one from ’82!


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