Today is a mighty significant anniversary for Portland, Maine! It was 40 years ago today that the very first event happened at the Civic Center. And of course here in Blimpville, the first event was a concert!  On March 3, 1977, WBLM welcomed ZZ Top for the inaugural night of rock on the Worldwide texas tour. That “lil’ ol’ band from Texas” was on tour in support of their album, Tejas featuring It’s Only Love and Arrested for Driving While Blind. Opening the show was Maine’s own, The Blend.

We can't find the Portland set list but, it's likely that it went something like this St. Patrick's Day show a couple weeks later in Boston.

ZZ Top Setlist Boston Garden, Boston, MA, USA 1977, Worldwide Texas

We’ll celebrate this historic night for Portland with a ZZ Top Mini-Concert. Join us tonight at 6:20 in the Big Red Love Van!

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