29 years ago, Heart played the Civic Center. On June 26, 1987, the lovely Wilson sisters returned to Portland for the 6th time. After moving to their new label Capitol Records in 1985, they released the album Heart. This was definitely the album to put them back on top, going number one and selling five million copies. The follow-up album Bad Animals was released in May of '87 and went all the way to number 2. Whitney Houston's, Whitney held the top spot. The new power ballad Alone was in heavy rotation on the Blimp by the time they arrived at the CCCC. Heart's Bad Animals went on to sell over 3 million copies in the US. Let's celebrate this great band and the out of this world vocal power of Ann Wilson on the ride home after work. Ann and Nancy are still killin' it live on a summer tour and have a new album called Beautiful Broken coming out on July 8th.

Check out the new lyric video...rocks like classic 70s Heart with special guest James Hetfield of Metallica!


Join us tonight at 6:20 for live Heart on the WBLM Mini-Concert!