On Wednesday August 26,2020, Captain Ivy joined me on the WBLM Afternoon Express so we could share an incredibly moving moment over the Blimp airwaves. He told us the story of Portland Firefighter Chris Fabian.

Chris was stationed on Munjoy Hill. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year.

After a courageous fight while in the care of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, we were very sad to hear the news that Firefighter Fabian was losing his battle with the terrible disease.

Chris Fabian's brothers from the Portland Fire Department made a solemn trip to Boston and brought him home to Maine.

As they headed on their way north, one of the Firefighters contacted Captain Ivy to see if we could let everyone know over the air that they were headed back with Chris.

The traveling band of brothers requested one more thing. "Please play My Hero by the Foo Fighters."

We were of course humbled and honored to help. When the song aired, it was difficult for us to hold back the tears in the studio.

Soon after the song ended, we aired a call from a Blimpster who was driving south on I-95. He wanted to let us know that firefighters and police were standing reverently next to each other on every overpass he saw. They were all there to salute their ailing brother and welcome him back home for his final days.

I immediately imagined what that reverential sight must have been like for the caller.

Thankfully, our heroes at the Portland Professional Fire Fighter's Union shared photos of Chris Fabian's journey home on their Facebook page.

There goes our hero. Watch him as he goes.

Sadly we learned the following morning on August 27,2020 that Chris Fabian had passed away.

This week it is so wonderful to see this beautiful artwork done on the side of the Aura building in Portland honoring the memory of of Chris Fabian. It was painted with much love by local artist Mike Rich.

I look forward to walking over to see it up close and reflect on the life of this great Portland hero missed dearly by so many.

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