According to AT&T, the most watched YouTube video channel in Maine is PewDiePie. What's a PewDiePie?! Well, it's a kinda' cute Swedish dude with a potty mouth who broke his parents' hearts by leaving college to provide running dialogue while playing video games on YouTube. PewDiePie is very different from Pinky Pie from My Little Pony. I thought they might be cousins, but clearly, no relation. I like that he likes to get goofy, but I could live without the F-bombs. I don't think that P.D.P. could though. I'm pretty sure that he's made a deal with the devil to provide him with oxygen in exchange for profanities. I may not "get" him, but lots of you out there do. Let's take a look at PewDiePie in action. This is the cleanest I could find!

PewDiePie VS. Pinkie Pie!

I'll bet you've been wondering how Pinkie Pie got her cutie mark. PewDiePie's cutie mark is probably a moth shaped hickey. Congrats for dominating, P.D.P.! Mainers are a tough crowd, so there must be something really off about you to be so popular here.

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