We are very fortunate in the city of Augusta to have an eclectic mix of both corporate and locally-owned eateries.

Augusta is one of the few cities in Maine where you'll never seem to run out of different food options and styles.

Of course, especially these days, with everything becoming significantly more expensive, from the food they serve to the staff they employ, restaurants, especially the locally-owned ones, are doing everything they can to run a tight ship and save some money.

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That's just one of the reasons why two Augusta food spots are going to be merging into one. Crazy? You might think so. But the fact that they're both owned by the same people really helps the situation immensely.

According to the Kennebec Journal, the Wrapped up Coffee House and Wrapped Up (the sandwich shop) are going to be joining forces and operating out of one location.

Max Griss, Unsplash
Max Griss, Unsplash

The KJ reports that the owner of both stores, Ryan Hill, closed down the Wrapped Up (sandwich shop) on State Street about a month ago. He told the KJ that business had been 'stagnant at best' ever since state workers had been sent to work from home during the pandemic.

State workers, even though most are back in the office, are Hill's primary clientele at the State Street sandwich shop. But, despite workers being back in the office, the business hasn't rebounded to pre-pandemic levels- at least not yet.

That's when he got the idea to merge his two businesses together at the Water Street location of Wrapped Up Coffee Housem, according to the KJ. The plan is to have the two business merge together when renovations at the coffee house are complete. Right now, they're hoping for December of this year, the newspaper reported.

And with the merging of the two local businesses will come a brand new name! The new spot will be called Wrapped Up Coffee House & Kitchen, according to the KJ. It will be located at the current Wrapped Up Coffee House which sits at 216 Water Street in Augusta.

Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash
Nathan Dumlao, Unsplash

The coffee house will be expanding into a vacant space next door where the new kitchen will be, the newspaper reported, and they're expecting the menu to remain much as it is now and serve patrons who want to dine in or take their food and coffees to go.

We'll keep our eyes on this story and let you know when a grand opening date has been decided!

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