Is this really what it looks like?

As I was cruising through Reddit this morning, I came across this video from u/MrMessy on the r/Maine thread, and at first glance, it looks like folks, possibly from Portland's Public Works Dept., are out mowing the snow. Obviously, this brings up all sorts of questions that demand answers, so we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

In all my years on this Earth, I kinda thought I'd seen it all as far as snow removal. To be fair, I've been mowing the grass before and thought to myself, "I wonder if you could mow snow?" But I just attributed that to one too many beers before I started mowing the lawn.

But seriously, scope this out right here...

Actually, what's going on here is pretty frikkin' smart...

So, if you look closely, it's an ice rink that they're clearing off. The first question someone might ask, is why aren't they using a snow blower? And as one commenter on the thread pointed out, a snowblower would leave some icy and snowy chunks and bits behind, where the mower blows it all away.

Of course, maybe a leaf blower might have been an easier choice, but that's just me. Of course, I'd probably still be sitting here and asking why someone is using a leaf blower to clear snow, but again, that's something I've thought about before too. I mean, there are times when it seems like it'd be easier to clear the driveway like that, than shoveling.

Either way, it's good old Yankee Ingenuity at work as far as I'm concerned. When you got a job to do, it's always best to get it done as efficiently as possible. So I say, kudos to these snow-clearing geniuses. We should be saluting you right now. Just sayin'...

Westbrook, Maine Ice Disk 2022

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