Happy Veterans Day to all our Maine Veterans. We thank you for your service and sacrifice. I hope all of you veterans feel the love and respect we have for those who have served this great country. Did you know that 9.7% of Maine's population is made up of veterans? That's over 104,000 people. That puts Maine sixth highest in the country with vets per capita.

For those of you that are NOT veterans, we hope you can do something nice today for a co-worker, family member, or someone in your community that did serve. Each of us has something we could do to make a vets life better. For example, our friends at the University of New England are doing a really nice thing:

From UNE:

The University of New England’s Dental Hygiene Clinic in Portland will offer Veterans discounted teeth cleanings for $15, along with free dental exams and fluoride varnish and 50% off all other services up until December 4th, 2020. Twenty appointments are available on a first-call basis. Veterans must have a valid VA ID card, Maine driver’s license/state ID with a military service designation, or a DD-214. To book your appointment, please call the University of New England at 207-221-4900. UNE is a teaching clinic and educational environment, so appointments will require more time than a typical visit. 


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