Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil admitted he’d worried that the band’s biopic The Dirt would turn out to be a low-budget affair, but says that it turned out better than he’d expected.

It will premiere on Netflix on March 22, accompanied by four new tracks recorded by the band as tie-in material. In the movie, Neil is played by Daniel Webber.

“I was really pleasantly surprised, because I didn’t know if it was gonna be this really low-budget film,” Neil told Kaaos TV in a new interview (via Blabbermouth). “Because you can make really bad films very easily. But after the first 10 minutes of watching the movie, I forgot it was about us and I just was enjoying a really good film.”

He said of Webber: “It wasn't me that was nervous; it was actually the guy that played me who was nervous. He wanted to make sure he did a really good job. And he did. I think each guy that played each of the band members pulled it off — I mean, exact. You get everybody's personalities right there on film. It's pretty neat to watch.”

You can listen to the full interview below:

Meanwhile, bassist Nikki Sixx explained why so much debauched behavior is seen in the movie represented a “cautionary tale.” He told Virgin Radio (via Blabbermouth): “It's been over 30 years since I was a heroin addict. That time was unbelievable… it was like, more is more, and we just kind of lived that life, but there are repercussions from that. That, I think, might be the cautionary tale in the movie.” He continued: “The movie really does a great job of giving each individual band member's back story, so you sort of understand.”

Asked about when the band began running out of control, Sixx said it would have been around 1986, by which time they’d been selling out arenas and stadiums for several years. “[E]very time we did something wrong, we got, like, a cookie for it,” he said. “It was like, 'Hey, good job – you guys rolled a car. Your album sales went up. You just threw more televisions out of the window.’ As a young kid, you're like, ‘This is great.’”

He added: “You would hear things, I remember, about a lot of the guys I was drawn to – more of the outlaw-type artists – and that's where drugs came into play for me. When I was first introduced to heroin, I thought, ‘Well, Johnny Thunders does heroin. He's super-cool, so I'll give it a shot.’ That's how it starts.”


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