I was cruising through Craigslist when I found this retro webbed folding chair. My Pepere built Vacationland Motor Court, it used to be on Rt.1 in Saco. My parents eventually bought it and every spring my father and Pepere would spend a few days re-webbing any damaged chairs. It was an important part of getting ready to open for the tourist season. Those webbed chairs were one of the defining features of Vacationland, along with the flagpole, wishing well and shuffleboard deck.

Vacationland Motor Court

I kept looking and found this webbed lounger. This bad boy demanded some advanced moves. It's in amazing condition!

lounge chair

My nana, Mrs. Noury had a screen house with a big stone fireplace. I don't see those anymore and I hope to build one to enjoy with our family one day.

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Boulders, birch trees and bird baths.


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