In honor of the legendary Pat Benatar coming to Portland this weekend, we hereby declare this a WBLM Women of Rock Weekend! That's right, it's all about the ladies...and we'll be celebrating by playing tons of tunes from all your favorite female rockers. From Janis to Joan Jett. From Grace Slick to Stevie Nicks.Your Blimp will play it all this weekend. And we want to see who Blimpville thinks is the greatest female rocker of all time. Ready? Set?  Vote!

To help you decide, listen to this montage of 100 amazing songs by female artists. I had forgotten about some of the great ones-sorry Suzi Quatro.

We will see you at the Maine State Pier for Pat and Neil. You may see us campaigning to get Ms. Benatar in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It certainly was fantastic to get Joan Jett in recently, but we need MORE females in the HOF. We still have a way to go! .




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