Bizarre Craigslist Maine Christmas Offering.
While holiday shopping on Craigslist, I came across this listing for an unusual holiday present.
"christmas gift a ROCK ! Support local business - $65 (Winslow) 
 condition: excellent
Nordstrom store is selling rocks for $85 and $65, so I offer this chance to get half price…
MAMM Open House Saturday
The Maine Academy of Modern Music, or MAMM, is an amazing independent music school for kids that want to learn and be involved in contemporary music. Which is a nice way of saying this is Maine's SCHOOL OF ROCK.
It's MAMM SLAM Time!
We love seeing the next generation of Rockers crank it up at the Maine Academy of Modern Music. If you've ever caught one of these young bands play out you'll  hear them play everything from The Doors to Green Day plus their own original songs...