According to WMTW, phone scammers have found yet another way to get your personal information, by convincing you to register to vote over the phone.

I checked out to get the real scoop on registering to vote in Maine:

  • The first thing you might want to know if you get one of these calls is that you CAN NOT register to vote by phone!
  • You must fill out a voter registration card at your town office, city hall, motor vehicle branch, most state and federal social service agencies and voter registration drives.
  • Completed cards must be sent to the Secretary of State's Office in Augusta or hand delivered/mailed to your city hall or town office.
  • Wen have passed the cut off date for registering to vote by mail but you can still register at your town hall or city hall.
  • Our next Statewide General and Referendum Election is is Nov. 6, 2018.

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