The video begins with an adorable stampede through the barn and out into the yard to frolic in the grass. Then it continues with random crazy hopping from some of these sweet babies.

They just want to make it very clear to us all that they are very happy to be alive. Wait till you see this side hops, just killin' us with cuteness over here.

At about the 1:44 mark, one of the kids looks right at the camera and gives us a wink. Are you kidding me? Well of course, they are kids after all.

And as if all this gentle enchantment wasn't enough to melt your heart already. There is no lack of little tails waggin' a million miles an hour when they see the mommy goats and bleat loudly with delight.

The first births of the season have happened in early April at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland. My friend Hope runs this incredible place with her family.

She does a fantastic job of regularly capturing much of the barnyard goat joy and kindly shares it with us on YouTube and Facebook.


Watching this fantastic of all these precious creatures reminds me of how much I miss taken my family there for a visit. If you're feeling grumpy at all, hanging out with baby goats (and big goats too) will straighten you right out.

I was actually just wondering the other day, when we could head up to Sunflower Farm in Cumberland for another play date. Then I remembered, oh yeah pandemic. It's probably gonna be awhile.

Actually, it looks like we may be able to get back there sooner than I had originally thought. According to their Facebook page, Sunflower Farm opened to the public yesterday (May 17) with limitations. Yay! We can't wait to safely go again.

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