WBLM's A to Z always brings back great local live show memories! So far we've played a bunch of songs from our old friends Concrete Blonde like Bloodletting, Caroline, Joey and more.  When we hear those songs, our minds travel back to historic Portland performances at T-Bird's on Marginal Way and at the Tree Cafe on Danforth Street. Both venues are of course long gone, but it is so cool to think back on those days when we know we were younger and thought we were way cooler. Now we can really go back in time thanks to You Tube user, 'Pretzel Farmer' whose channel is dedicated to 'women who rock and/or are awesome'! Concrete Blonde lead singer Johnette Napolitano absolutely fits that description. We love her! So awesome to see this!

True is coming up on A to Z later on in the 'T' section...watch Concrete Blonde in Portland, Maine at the Tree, July 23, 1989.