It so terrific to get a new video from our friends at Sunflower Farm for Thanksgiving this week. As we are all rushing around at the start of another holiday season, do yourself a favor and take a couple minutes to check in on the goats and kitties.

We love to watch the cats trot across the fence like a balance beam. And the way the goats look into the camera, goes straight to our souls.

Here's an update from the Sunflower Farm YouTube channel as we begin what looks to be a lengthy snowy cold one.

"We have had three significant days of snowfall, all before Thanksgiving, so we are bracing ourselves for an especially cozy and long winter. This week the buck arrived to begin our breeding for next spring’s kids! I am thankful for each season that brings such distinct beauty and such warm hopes. And we are thankful for you farm friends. Lots of love from the goats, chickens, pig, dogs, cats and humans of Sunflower Farm."

Thank you Sunflower Farm.  We love you, right back.

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