This week marks the 113th Birthday of Theodor Geisel, best known as the beloved writer and illustrator of quite possibly the most important children's books ever. He is also best known under the pen-name, Dr. Seuss. His creative wisdom is everything we need to know about how to be a good human being. Dr. Seuss was a New Englander born in Springfield, Massachusetts on March 2, 1904. So it very fitting that he be honored this week by another New Englander. Watch this beautiful tribute created by my very good friend, Josiah Babcock of Westbrook. It features a collage of the good doctor's wildly imaginative pictures along with a poem written by Josiah, in that wonderful 'Seussian' rhyming style. 

Here's the narration:

Dr Seuss' 113th Birthday
by Josiah Babcock
March 2, 2017

It’s your birthday again!
One more year has passed by
And although you are gone
We will try not to cry.

For you made us all smile
With the your magical pages
From those reading first words
To BIG kids of ALL ages!

And your pictures, THE PICTURES!
Were like NONE ever seen!
Tufty mops and pom-poms
In pinks, yellows, and greens!

You drew stairways for MILES
Feathered birds, buzzing bees,
Elephants, turtles
And truffula trees!

You drew lands like Far-Foodle,
And creatures like Sneetches,
You drew some who sang songs
And some who gave speeches!

You puzzled our puzzlers
With fantastical stuff,
You made us all think
Thoughty thinks that were TOUGH

In a way that changed hard thoughts
To ones we could handle
You made them so that
We could ALL understandle.

There were opposite thoughts
About wet and dry feet,
And Green Eggs and Ham
Trying new things to eat!

There were thoughts about war
About battles and butter
And a cat who played games
And then cleaned up the clutter.

There were thoughts about forests
And cutting down trees
And of climbing on others
To see farther sees.

There were thoughts about being
The YOUEST of yous
And thoughts of adventure
Directions to choose.

There were thoughts about caring
For those who are small
And of love and compassion
The best gifts of all.

There were thoughts we could think
About thinking BIG THOUGHTS
About how to treat others
And how we should NOTS.

All these thoughts in your books
Still ring true to this day
They all matter and help us
To choose our own way.

And IF we remember
The words that you wrote,
When we re-read your books
Or even a quote,

We will make better choices!
We will be nicer folks!
We’ll solve fights with forgiveness!
We will tell better jokes!

We will help out our neighbors!
We will tear down the walls!
We will all join together
The BIGS and the smalls!

We will treat strangers kindly!
We’ll assist those who can’t!
We will help save the planet!
We will grow trees to plant!

We will try out new things!
We will pick up our toys!
We will raise up our voices!

We’ll do ALL of these things
Because YOU showed us how.
Though you wrote LONG ago,
You are STILL with us NOW.

We’ll choose love over anger!
We’ll be gentle, not mean.
Thanks to you, Dr Seuss,

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