Having lived in Maine all of my life, I can honestly say I have never seen a moose up close. I know, crazy right? Now with this video, I can.Well, I'm not a hunter and luckily I've never hit one on the highway. Next to the lobster, the moose is probably the number two choice that people 'from away' would think of, if they were asked to 'name an animal from Maine' on Family Feud. That being said, the moose is a pretty big deal in these parts. They're an especially big deal deep in the North Woods. That is where videographer and Scarborough native Jim Boutin takes us with his breathtaking footage of these beautiful beasts and wildlife. Oh you know, just roaming around eating leaves and stuff. There are moose babies too!  It's totally Nat Geo or BBC worthy...I'd love to hear David Attenborough narrate this video.