Are you a fisherperson and live in Maine? Do you love to ice fish? Sit on your comfy chair with your handwarmers and beer and wait for your flag to move? Well, I have fantastic news for you!

It's free fishing for all, this weekend! Grab your spears, I mean fishing poles, I don't know much about fishing but I do know that it's FREE for YOU all weekend!

This will take place February 18th-19th and again this summer June 3rd-4th, 2023, according

The description of the weekend on reads as follow,

Cast a line or set a tip-up during one of Maine’s Free Fishing Weekends.

On these days, any person (except those whose license has been suspended or revoked) may fish without a license. All other laws and regulations apply on these days.

So as long as you have your fishing license and aren't barred from the sport you can cast your line at your favorite spot and fish for free!

Maine has such a rich fishing community and other states are envious of the the abundant fish life we produce. Bundle up and get ready to fish for free this weekend throughout the state of Maine!

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