October is here and a magnificent beast named Anoki is leading the pack with a howling gang vocal to welcome the spookiest month of the year.

Did you know you could get up close with wolves just around the corner? There's a beautiful place in Limington, Maine called the Runs With Wolves Sanctuary. They are the good folks who shared this majestic video.

According to their Facebook page,

"Our mission here at Runs with Wolves Sanctuary is to rescue, protect and care for the wolves for the remainder of their natural lives. We are a non-profit organization located in Limington Maine."

If you love what you just heard and saw, you can make a donation to help Runs With Wolves continue their important work.

How cool would it be to hear the haunting sounds of howling wolves right in front of you?

We could listen to these "children of the night" with their incredible songs all day long.

I'd love to bring our husky to visit. I bet she'd join right in with the chorus.

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