Driving and walking outside during yesterday's storm was challenging to say the least. The stroll from the car to work with sheets of hard rain pounding our bodies was like nothing most us had ever experienced, especially in February.

Something that popped into my head as I was getting soaked and battling the incredible winds trying to get from point A to point B was..."Wondah what it looks like up at the thundah hole today?"

Whenever we get a really intense storm, it's always wicked fun to see the beauty and brutal force of the surf crashing over the big rocks. Luckily, it usually a safe bet that someone bravely ventures to Acadia National Park during crazy weather and capture Maine spectacle on video so we can see it.

With wind gusts for most of the state right around 40mph, it made for quite and exhilarating show.

Thanks to YouTube user, mhochman  for the amazing up close footage taken yesterday.

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