Cat stuck in a tree? Somebody call the fire department, right?

According to a Mental Floss article, the answer depends on the situation, the tree, and even the particular fire department.

So yes, maybe, sort of.

Well, in September, a Massachusetts cat didn't get stuck in a tree, but it was certainly a similar situation where I'm sure many might have thought, "Do we call the fire department to help?"

A poor cat wound up on top of a utility pole in Springfield, and thankfully, the local Fire Department was willing to jump into action to help.

Drew Garrett even posted a great video of the rescue on Facebook:

The firefighter was able to use the fire truck's ladder to get up to that pole and grab that kitty to bring it to safety.

Imagine how scared it must have been.

Now, how the cat wound up there is a mystery. Maybe it was chasing a mouse? Maybe a dog was chasing the cat? Maybe it just really wanted to get a great view of the area and saw a good place to climb.

No matter the reason, the end result was what mattered: a clean rescue and the cat being able to go back to its family.

You could even call it a purr-fect ending.

Big shout out to the firefighters for taking the call. Whether they are running into burning buildings when everyone is running out or simply saving a feline in way over its head, these first responders are heroes.

Hopefully, the cat keeps its feet on the ground now.

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