The Captain and Celeste featured this amazing one-man-rock-band a couple weeks ago on the WBLM Morning Show. The dude wowed us with his jaw-dropping performance of Tom Sawyer from Rush. His name is Dominic Fragman and amazingly, he's rips the the guit, bangs the skins, and wails the vocals ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  Whenever we rock that killah classic on BLM, we all go back and forth from air drums to air guitar. This musical genius can actually play the real instruments at once! And now, he dazzles us with some Zeppelin and Black Dog! Freakin' Unbelievable! You gotta see this!

Now you're wicked pumped for some live Zep, aren't ya? Well you're in luck! "The American Led Zeppelin", Get The Led Out returns to Portland on Thursday April 27th at the all-new Aura (formerly Asylum) and tix are on-sale now!

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