In case you were wondering if there's any excitement for the upcoming NFL season, these two short videos should help answer that question. Patriots training camp opened up yesterday, and was available to be viewed by the general public. For several years now, the crowds that gather for practice have been growing and this year's group was exceptionally large....and well, exceptionally excited.

Perhaps a few fans were a little too overly giddy to watch Rob Gronkowski stretch on the field or Malcolm Butler run short sprints up the sidelines but this is football and this is the Patriots. While there was tremendous excitement from the fans on day 1, there's already much less excitement from head coach Bill Belichick on day 2.

A reporter asked Belichick if he has considered leaving Jimmy Garoppolo in as the Patriots starting quarterback after Tom Brady's 4-game suspension is up. Belichick rolled his eyes and quietly mouthed "Jesus Christ".


Even if the players aren't ready for the regular season yet, Belichick's press conference game is already prime. To be fair, IT'S DAY 2 OF THE TRAINING CAMP, but reporters gotta report. Carry on.

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