According to WLUK from Green Bay, some residents of Wisconsin have decided to create to a new "sport" to erase the winter blues. They've combined their love of snowmobiling in the winter with their love of playing softball in the summer. The result is snowmobile softball and well, it kinda looks insane.

In the 2 minute news report above, you'll see the basics of how it works. Same rules as your average softball game but rather than RUN the bases (how could you, there's snow!), you hop onto your sled, start it up, and crank around the bases in style. If you think that sounds just a little dangerous....that's because it is.

Further into the above video, you'll see how the defense works. Which is, someone crushes a softball and that line drive goes directly into the side of your snowmobile. Sounds expensive. Additionally, you'll see some of the pitfalls of the game, which includes a guy getting his foot stuck in his sled. Paramedics on speed dial?

Perhaps it's just because the game is in its infancy. There will be more people playing, more people playing improvements to the game. Will you be one of those people? Is "snowmobile softball" just a little too dangerous for you? Or are you ready to start the first ever league here in Maine?

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