While the Ghost of Paul Revere, a Maine Band was on tour on the west coast, a crime was unfortunately committed according to an article posted in February, 2022 on WGME.

The trailer, which was hauling equipment and merchandise for their tour was stolen. You can see images and videos of everything that was recovered here from the Ghost of Paul Revere's Facebook Page. 

Due to an update from their Facebook page, the trailer and some of the stolen items have been recovered by the Denver Police Department! On April 1st, Ghost of Paul Revere posted an update onto their Facebook Page with the following status, 

"Denver Police located our trailer in an empty warehouse just outside of the city last week. It’s pretty banged up, but thankfully some (but not all) of our gear and merchandise was recovered. Thanks to your generosity we were able to secure rental gear allowing us to continue on our tour with no cancellations, navigate logistical challenges and replace the stolen gear items (big thanks to Buckdancers’s Choice, The Drum Shop in Portland, ME, The Drum Center of Portsmouth, NH, and Fishman and Fender for your added support). We can’t thank everyone enough for the immense outpouring of love and generosity we were shown throughout this humbling experience.
Our GoFundMe campaign generated donations that exceeded our initial financial goal, for which there are no words to adequately express our gratitude."

The post also states that they decided to give the rest of the donations to several organizations that were chosen by each member of the band. The charitable organizations were Full Plates Full PotentialBacklineTaylor James Steeves Foundation, and Listen Up! Music Creative Trails.

The original story follows below.

"Heartwarming: Community Helps Raise Over $20,000 for Maine Band That Had Equipment Stolen"

While, Maine Band, The Ghost of Paul Revere was touring the country, sharing their music with fans, they unfortunately were met with crime.

This band is made up of Max Davis on vocals, Sean McCarthy on vocals and bass, Griffin Sherry on vocals and guitar, and Chuck Gagne on vocals and drums and they hail from Portland.

According to their Facebook Page, they are a holler roots band from Maine.

While the band was on the West Coast, someone cut the trailer off from their van. According to an article from WGME, most of their equipment, merchandise, gear and other items that they need to put on a good show, were stolen.

Ghost of Paul Revere via Facebook
Ghost of Paul Revere via Facebook

Their desire to redeem their stolen items seemed bleak since the hotel they were staying at, didn't have security cameras. They filed a police report and posted on social media, but what happened next was beyond belief.

They created a GoFundMe page and within less then a day, raised $20,000!

It was a remarkable feat that even though they were unable to recover the stolen items, they recovered so much more. They were able to recoup their lost items but also was given the gift of support from their fans and community.

"It's crazy unreal. I get a lump in my throat thinking about it just because all these people are reaching out and helping us out in a moment of need,"

Sean McCarthy, Member

"Humbling, heartwarming and incredible because we reached our goal within 11 hours of launching the go-fund-me. The community we have is just incredible and we can't thank them enough for instantly standing up and helping support us,"

Griffin Sherry, Member

Community aid never ceases to amaze. The donations are now at $28,060

If you want to check out the latest on the band, visit their, The Ghost of Paul Revere to catch up on what their doing.

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