A Big Blimp Shoutout to the great folks at Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland. They raise Nigerian dwarf goats there and create "delicious treats made from the milk of happy goats." They also made an amazing scientific discovery this week while listening to the Blimp:


 "Scientific research of the day: milking is faster with @1029wblm. I usually milk to NPR to catch up on all the news. Today Chris was unloading the second load of hay and was cranking old school rock. Usually, it takes me 2 hours to milk all 25, this morning I have milked 9 in half an hour! Rosemary looks a little surprised by Pour Some Sugar on Me! 😊I may have to switch to BLM for morning milking! Bring it dj Tommy C! 15 more to go! Ps, they love the hay."

WOW! If the goats are more productive while listening to WBLM, just think you much more YOU are when you listen to WBLM while you work.

Check out the goats rocking out to Def Leppard:


Happy Goats!





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