I’m back at Gritty’s in Auburn this week for another ‘Last Friday’ live broadcast of the WBLM Afternoon Express! We love coming back to our roots and sharing memories with area Blimpsters who have been with us since the beginning. Of course the biggest ‘membah when’ stories are all the great concerts that came to Lewiston/Auburn back in the day. Last week, we celebrated the ’77 Bruce Springsteen show at the Central Maine Youth Center.  Today it’s a concert that happened 42 years ago at the Lewiston Armory . It was the Sheer Heart Attack tour for Queen in Blimpville on Febuary 19, 1975. The openers that night were Kansas and Mahogany Rush.



The ticket price was $5 in advance and $6 at the door…holy sh*t! This has gotta be one of the Top 3 Craziest Historic Events that ever happened in Lewiston, along with a Jimi Hendrix show in 1968 and the Ali/Liston fight in 1965.