The Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby happened in the North Maine Woods of Aroostook County over the weekend.

According the Derby's official Facebook page,

"The Annual Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby is usually held the last full weekend of January. Proceeds benefit the Edgar J Paradis Cancer Fund."

Watch the exciting moment when 1st place Muskie champ, Wade Kelly pull a wicked big monstah out of hole that you wouldn't think is big enough for him to get it through.

According to the description with the video, the winning fish weighed in at 26.9 lbs. Hefty, hefty, hef-ty...ayuh. His smile says it all. Congrats from your friends at the Blimp, Wade.

Thanks again to our friends at Maine As F*ck for sharing this one from Tylor Kellys Camps Allagash Maine and Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby.

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