Maine As F*ck

With Warmer Temps, Mainers Should Consider Ice Thickness
The National Weather Service in Gray remind us that the ice might not be safe to go on, even though it's January. They've posted a helpful, easy to understand chart that shows us how thick the ice should be to support our weight. In fact, they show us how thick it needs to be from walking …
Maine Wedding Gown For Sale With Special Fireball Bottle Pouch
Our friends at the Maine As F*ck Facebook page have done it again. They've discovered another incredible example of the funny unique style displayed only here in this great state. If you're not following them yet, you really should. There's always great stuff there that only us local…
WATCH: Extreme Maine Ice Cycling
Watch him Send It with those hardcore spiked tires diggin' in and leavin' a long mark! By the way, we can't wait to see a race against a snowmobile...Bring it, guy!
Frozen Dead Maine Coyote Turns into ‘Aht’
Somebody found a roadkill coyote frozen solid in Northern Maine. Since it was suspended in a pose worthy of display in the state museum, they stood it up on the side of the road for people to see while driving by.