Our favorite dubbahs are back with an all new episode of Welcome to Maine. We are always wicked pumped to see that a new one has been released. They never cease to educate and enlighten us, all while making us bust a friggin' gut.

Now that we can hang out at the neighbors again since we're all vaccinated, watching these videos has become a new thing that we do every time we get together for beers with friends over the weekend.

Since last August, our heroes Troy and Mark have been our tour guides to all things weird and wonderful in the Pine Tree State. So far, they've checked in from Portland Head Light, The Desert of Maine, The Moxie Store in Lisbon Falls, B & M Baked Beans in Portland, the Paul Bunyan statue in Bangor, Stephen King's house, the Cryptozoology Museum, and more.

Troy and Mark are played by Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart respectively. We should also say that they play them respectfully, as their portrayals the Maine everyman are spot on. They get us, because there are us. They are actual Mainers who happen to be brilliant comedians.

Troy boisterously gives us the history in each episode. Mark always brilliantly responds to everything Troy says, with "Yuht", "Oh Yuht" and "Ohhhhhhhh Yuht".

Red Hot Dogs or Red Snappahs as they are more commonly referred to around these parts, have been a summertime BBQ staple for generations of Mainers.

Let's get right to it with Troy and Mark and learn everything we need to know about this wicked Maine grillin' meat.

Longtime fans of this great series will be glad to see that there is a signature nut-tap from Troy to Mark at the end of the episode. Yeah, the fans will be happy about it. Mark? Not so much.

Ian Stuart can be found hosting New England's Funniest Comedy Competition at Aura in Portland, Maine starting this month.

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