According to, after 27 years of being one of only 3 voice actors to perform as Kermit the Frog, Steve Whitmire has stepped aside.Whitmire claims that the character of Kermit was being driven in a direction not in line with that of the original creator, Jim Henson. Henson's children however green lighted the change and tell a different story. Muppet employee Matt Vogel has been chosen as Whitmire's replacement and here is his first video as Kermit the Frog:

Frankly, the Muppets lost me when they had Kermit break up with Miss Piggy and date a younger, thinner pig named Denise that he met at work. I have to agree with Whitmire that this is not the frog that I know and love. It seems the powers that be want Kermit to be more relatable to adults that grew up with him on Sesame Street than the kids of today. I know stuff happens in relationships, but not on Sesame Street! Now the tough question: Who was your favorite Muppet? Comment on our Fan Page.

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