Centurylink analyzed Google Trends to find out what the most popular PBS kids shows are in each state. Which show do we love the most here in Maine?

ZOOM was the #1 most googled PBS kid show by Mainers. I loved ZOOM when I was a kid but never got around to sending in my SASE, (self addressed, stamped envelope). The mail bag was my favorite part of the show and something that kids today would be baffled by!

Here's a flashback for you:

The show that was the fave of the most states is Reading Rainbow with Levar Burton, which hasn't had a new episode since 2006. Levar was juggling Reading Rainbow with his gig as Geordie on Star Trek: The Next Generation!

PBS kids' programming has been teaching children for generations and it manages to stay fresh, though kids still do appreciate the classics. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood still makes the map.

This was a classic mash-up, Mr. Rogers visited Sesame Street!

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