If you love being outdoors, the State of Maine has a little something to offer anyone.  We've got rugged coastline, sandy beaches, forests, mountains, streams, and lakes.  Yes, we have some spectacular lakes.

But, have you ever wondered what the deepest lake in the state was?  It's gotta' be Moosehead Lake, right?  Everyone knows that Moosehead Lake is MASSIVE, so it has to be the deepest, too, right?  Wrong!

According to Wikipedia, the deepest lake in the State of Maine is actually Sebago Lake.

The lake, which covers about 440 square miles, has an average depth of 107 feet.  However, at its deepest point, it has a depth of 316 feet!

To put that in perspective, you could completely submerge a 30 story building in the deepest part of the lake.  Crazy!

If you have never had a chance to visit Sebago Lake, you should plan a trip.  A short drive from the greater Portland area, the lake is a great place for boating, fishing, or hanging out on the beach.  The shores of the lake are home to several resorts, motels, and Sebago Lake State Park Campground.  Plus, the lake is home to several summer camps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In addition to the lake itself, the towns near the lake have much to offer the area's visitors.  The towns of Raymond, Naples, Bridgton, etc all have cool shops, restaurants, and more.

You can learn more about Sebago lake, Western Maine, and the rest of the State of Maine has to offer at the Visit Maine website.

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