Today is trash day in my neighborhood, so last night Mark cleaned out the refrigerator. It was horrifying. The worst was the bag of baby spinach that had been forgotten in the crisper drawer. Actually, no, it was the cilantro under the bag of spinach that got the the blue ribbon. Apparently we aren't much for observing expiration dates because there were a couple doozies in there. I'm always suspicious of unfamiliar condiments. I don't know if three years ago I made a meal that required horse radish, but I assure you that I have no recollection of ever making that purchase. As for the hot pepper jelly, I have a dim memory of mixing it with cream cheese to spread on crackers at some point. The pepper jelly expired in 2012, the horse radish hit the wall on May 29,2013

expiration date

Go check your refrigerator and find the most expired product in there, then tell us about it on our Fan Page. This is a judgement free zone.

Don't even get me going about the cottage cheese.

I think it was cottage cheese...



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