I know that this hat isn't a strong fashion statement, but it still means a lot to me. Mark and I have dragged it around through our journey together over the past 15 years because I gave it to him on the first day that I met him. He was working on his Jeep in his garage in South Portland, just around the corner from the NAPA at Millcreek, and listening to me doing a live remote from the NAPA in Westbrook. He needed a part, but instead of going next door for it, he drove to Westbrook to check me out. I was set up outside in the July sunshine with a table full of free stuff. He walked up to my table with ripped jeans, a T-shirt from high school and grease from  head to toe. I was a goner. I gave him everything on that table, and then dove under it to give him a BLM coffee mug!

When cleaning out the basement last weekend the infamous NAPA hat showed up again, and it made me wonder what other couples have kept from their first meeting. What did you keep? Was it a wedding favor from a mutual friend's wedding? A concert ticket from a show that you met at? A bent fender? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #keptitallthistime

We regret not having invited the store manager to our wedding. That would have been cool.



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