Traveling means trying new foods and experiencing the culture through their local crops and flavors. Our crew from Townsquare Media Portland went out for lunch and found the perfect spot, Dennis Point Cafe!

The restaurant is near Dennis Point Wharf, the largest wharf in the area. They move about 50 million in lobster and fish a year.

Vernon d'Eon is the owner of the cafe and the inventor of the Lobster Plug, that's a piece of wood used to keep lobsters from taking off lobsterman's fingers.

K, so here's the menu...what it Rappie Pie?!

We were all anxious to find out!

Monica and our waitress explained...

My favorite was the fish cake with chow-chow. I LOVE chow-chow! It's pickled green tomatoes, but they are sweet instead of sour like cucumber pickles. Monica gave me a jar! None of us really understood the connection between molasses and Rappie Pie though. Molasses is a staple and they put it on everything! It was a delicious, hot and filling lunch that keeps a fisherman's belly full and warm!