Vernon d'Eon is a low key multi-millionaire thanks his invention of the Lobster Plug! This little piece of wood gets wedged into a joint in the claw to keep lobsters from snapping lobsterman's digits off. Brilliant! Vernon is a charmer and the owner of the restaurant that we had lunch at in Nova Scotia called Dennis Pointe Cafe.

His cafe is as eclectic as he is, selling fishing poles, work gloves, deck wash and more!

I enjoyed a 2 lb. lobster last night, the biggest that I have ever seen on a plate, but this 13 pounder took my breath away! That monster is real and was caught by a local fisherman here.

Here is the story of Vernon from his menu:

I plan on ordering an authentic Acadian lunch, I have no idea what that means, but I'll check in later to let you know!