Pounding down beers can lead to a pounding headache. Here are a few suggestions for managing a Super Bowl hangover:

  • Sleep. Give your body a chance to rest and repair.
  • Get some breakfast. Your body will thank you for some eggs (protein), whole grain toast (comforting carbs) with avocado (healthy fat) and lots and lots of water.
  • Wait to drink acidic coffee and orange juice until after you have some food in your tummy. You want to avoid irritating your stomach and getting heartburn.
  • Pedialyte isn't just for kids. It will help replace electrolytes lost from the dehydration you're feeling. Smart Water and Gatorade also contain electrolytes.
  • Pain relievers like Tylenol, Aleve, Alka Seltzer and Ibuprofen can help.

It would be best to avoid a hangover entirely by exercising moderation, but if self control eludes you then at least take a couple small steps, like having a glass of water between each drink and choosing drinks that aren't sugary. Sugary drinks can give you a louder, longer hangover. Bail on the tequila and go with vodka instead.

Be safe out there and never drink and drive.



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