Growing up in Southern Maine, summers were full of employment opportunities. My first job was at The Hungry Bear at Funtown, then the Cascade Water Park- you would not believe the 80's high-cut swimsuits we had to wear! Eventually I discovered the Shuttle Bus and found that catching it to work in O.O.B. was much more convenient. I LOVED working at the beach because most of my friends were working there too. I was at the Round-Up for a couple of summers, sometimes in the ice cream stand and sometimes in the pizza stand. The boys were cute, the shopping was awesome and I always slid in at least an hour to work on my tan. I feel so lucky that as a teenager I had that experience, another reason that I am in love with Maine.

What did you do for a summer job when you were a kid in Maine? Comment on our Fan Page!

P.S. Thank you to my parents for carting me around. I didn't get my license until I was 19 and I started working at 14!

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