When I was in high school a summer job was a big deal. Everyone had one, and some were better than others. I was lucky to live in Saco, I worked fun gigs at Cascade Water Park, The Hungry Bear at Funtown and The Round Up in Old Orchard Beach. My brother worked at the Clambake and would destroy entire loads of my laundry by throwing one of his greasy work shirts in! Summer jobs were part of the teen culture, and we needed the money! According to WLBZ, fewer kids are seeking summer employment. The Maine Department of Labor shows that last year only 43% of teens between 16 and 19 had summer jobs, compared to 72% in 1978. Employers are feeling the loss too, it's harder to fill summer positions in this seasonal business environment. These numbers are in part because some students are using their summer to get ahead academically by taking educational courses or volunteering. Others don't work simply because they don't have to, mom and dad are picking up the tab for everything!

How do you feel about teens having summer jobs? Do you think it's a good way to prepare for entering a full time workforce and learning how to be financially independent, or do you feel like they'll have their whole life to work and they should just enjoy these years? Comment on our Fan Page.

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