Even though the summer concert season is just winding down, we're already thinking about who might make a visit next summer!

Here are 5 artists we'd love to see perform in Maine in 2020:

5 - AC/DC

They may be closing in on their 70s, but they can still rock out!  And, even though it's been nearly four decades since it came out, "You Shook Me" still packs the dancefloors at bars and weddings.


4 - Post Malone

Even though he's been around for a few years, his career really took off in the last year or so.  Honestly, we are all curious who he'd bring with him if he were to make a trip.


3 - Garth Brooks

Whether you like country music or not, you know at least one Garth Brooks song.  You can't tell me you've never drunkenly screamed along with "Friends In Low Places" at a wedding...  Yeah, thought so.


2 - Luke Combs

So far, he's released six songs.  All six have been number one hits!


1 -  Billie Eilish

This 17 year old phenom's full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell.  These days, she is literally everywhere!


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