We found this fantastic post on the South Portland Police Facebook page this week. Actually, we didn't find it, but heard from hundreds of you that told us to check it out. It seems there was a lost airship (of sorts) that someone found and turned it into the South Portland Police. Being wicked smart, the SPPD did not want to put an actual photo of the lost "Lost and Found" airship up, so they put up another "airship of local historical relevance" 

As the SPPD explained:

"A rather nice air drone was located in the water at Willard Beach, and a nice person dropped it off with us in hope that we might find the owner.

We wanted to post a photo of it, but thought perhaps we'd let the person who it truly belongs to call us and describe it. Send us a message (or call 799-5511) if you've lost your drone.

In lieu of the actual photo, please find attached to this post a different airship of local historical relevance"


We could not be more proud that they went with the legendary Rock and Roll Blimp. Thanks to all the Blimpsters at the SoPo PD! 



Now, truth be told, this would not be the first time that the South Portland Police Department has had an issue with a Blimp. Do you remember the old store Deorseys that was across from the Maine Mall back in the day? It was an awesome store that sold music, concert tickets, and BLM T-shirts. For years we begged and pleaded with management to get a real Blimp that we could fill with helium and fly high above Blimpville at remotes and concerts. And they actually bought us one! This is wayyyy back in the old 107.5 WBLM days.


WBLM Archives
WBLM Archives


As the Blimp Morning Show tells the story, one of its very first voyages in South Portland, was also its last! And the SoPo Po Po was involved, and not entirely happy with us. This is why we can't have nice things.

You can hear the whole, ugly story here:




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