I just love running across photos like this!  Yes, that's the ever-popular hottie and enormous rockstar Jon Bon Jovi himself washing dishes in the kitchen of a restaurant.  I ran across it on his Instagram page with the catchy comment,

Putting me straight to work @jbjsoulkitchen. What else do you guys have for me?

This New England Patriots superfan, who is actually a New Jersey boy through and through, has a unique eatery and nonprofit community restaurant run by Jon's philanthropic JBJ Soul Foundation. It serves paying customers, as well as those customer in need.  And this photo of him stopping by to help out is everything, as his passion project outside of music and the Pats is his foundation.

JBJ Soul Kitchen via Facebook
JBJ Soul Kitchen via Facebook

While he has two JBJ Soul Kitchens in Jersey, I think a third in the Boston area sounds like a perfect locale where he can stop by after a Patriot's win and wash some dishes while helping out the area that he loves so much.

AFC Championship - Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots
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As far as we know, there is not a Sunday that goes by that Jon Bon Jovi isn’t spotted in the press box at Gillette Stadium sitting next to his good friend and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, according to Chowder and Champions. Of course, there's also his well known friendship with Coach Bill Belichick that goes all the way back to Bill's days with the New York Giants.

Jon even gave his song “This Is Our House” to the New England Patriots which we love hearing after every touchdown at home.

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