Jon Bon Jovi has been supporting his New Jersey community since 2011 with his non-profit restaurant, JBJ Soul Kitchen, which is part of his Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. Now, Bon Jovi is offering free meals at the restaurant to federal workers who are not getting paid during the government shutdown.

There's a suggested donation at the restaurant, but if you can't pay no worries. Customers volunteering instead of paying keeps the restaurant running. You can pay $10 for a three course meal or volunteer for one hour if you can't afford to pay.

The concept also nourishes the community, as people who are paying and those who volunteer sit side by side to enjoy a meal. Customers are encouraged to get to know each other, the vibe is relaxed and happy.

The restaurant has its own gardens and the three course meal includes soup or salad, an entree and a freshly baked dessert. The ingredients are organic when possible, fresh and local.

Jon invites Federal workers to enjoy a meal at JBJ Soul Kitchen and to also learn about other resources available to them in their community while they're there. Bon Jovi teamed up with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's Foundation to provide the free meals to furloughed workers.

Here's sweetie-pie Jon singing all about it...


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