According to News Center Maine, Maine Forest rangers will be checking campsites throughout the summer for firewood from out of state, and educating campers about the dangers of doing so.

The lumber industry is very important to the Maine economy and it is vulnerable to invasive insects that we can not combat once they have infested our forests. Bringing in wood from out of state provides transportation to invasive species, according to the news station. This outreach program kicks off the camping season with hopes of educating the public and stopping the spread of destructive insects.

Maine Forest Service includes the Emerald Ash Bore and Longhorn Asian Beetle on their Most Wanted list and urges campers not to transport firewood for more than 50 miles, even in-state.

If you've transported what you suspect to be sketchy wood, burn it immediately! Do not bring it home with you. Buy your wood close to where you are camping.

The exception is buying packaged wood with a stamp showing that the wood has been heat treated to 160 degrees for 75 minutes. You won't find it at a road side stand.

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