To some the the idea of eating a fern sounds wicked gross. To others, they are a Maine delicacy. Pickled, fried, in a soup, whatevah. This time of year fiddleheads are annual tradition on the dinnah table for lots of local families.

We are really lovin' all the wicked killah Maine adventure videos our new friend Jeremy Grant from the Belfast area is producing lately! He takes us to cool places and events around the state that we might not even know about.

The latest one spotlights a father and son DIY team that have been harvesting fiddleheads for a very long time together. Jeremy is also the very excited host of each fascinating episode. We love his superhero landing as he makes his entrance.

Ever wondered how to pick fiddleheads like a pro? Well, meet John Gibbs and his father Daryl. They'll take us foraging and then after they clean em up, we can see how the various dishes turn out at a local restaurant. Farm to table in action...wicked cool, bub!

Jeremy Grant's got a real knack for consistently creating high-quality, entertaining stuff that is uniquely, Maine. Luckily since this fella isn't on TV yet, we can follow him on Facebook and Instagram. 

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