The 30th Annual US National Toboggan Championships happened over the weekend in Camden. Teams and fans gathered for high-speed Maine wintah excitement.

According to the guy who made this epic video your about to watch, "thousands of people" were there to keep the cabin fever away and celebrate sledding in a totally next-level way.

His name is Jeremy Grant and we frequently feature his fantastic work here. He brings us to cool places and events around the state with his top-notch videography.

Let's take a trip with Jeremy up the coast and see all the action of this super fun competition.

With Jeremy also capturing the action via drone and on-board cams, you really get a great sense of how fast these toboggans fly down the chute.

Cool to see that he mustered up the courage to hop on and head down as well...looks like a wicked blast!

Here's a little history of this long running Maine winter tradition from US National Toboggan Championships. 

Jeremy Grant has a real knack for consistently creating high-quality, entertaining stuff that is uniquely, Maine. You can follow him for more awesome adventures on his Timber Cross Facebook page.

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